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Corporate Values – SHAPE

SHAPE puts the power of our values in the hands of our employees

We all have the power to shape the success of the company

We are all helping shape the future of a zero CO2 emission world

We are all individually responsible for shaping each day


We believe in the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental, and financial. Safety is the foundation of a sustainable business. Sustainability goes beyond enabling cleaner forms of energy. We value our people and put their safety and wellbeing first. We support our communities as we build our business for the long run.



We are passionate about the possibilities that each day brings. We embrace the challenge of transforming our industry and ourselves as we make positive contributions to our company and our world. We are hardworking, creative, and honor our responsibilities and commitments. We are respectful, quietly confident and outwardly humble.


We believe a happy workplace is the foundation of a productive and creative enterprise. Caring about our colleagues and their best interests makes for a happier environment. We lend a helping hand to our colleagues knowing collaboration and team results are as important as individual accomplishments.


We excel at capitalizing on new and challenging opportunities. We have the resourcefulness, resilience, and drive to recognize opportunities and the motivation to make the most of them financially. We are powering our world for a new era.


We are a forward-thinking company that embraces change and values diversity. Being open-minded, flexible and innovative allows us to thrive in a dynamic world. Drawing upon our diverse colleagues and their wide-ranging experiences creates an ideal environment to make better decisions.


JERA Americas Leadership

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Employee Spotlights

Ryan Elms

Senior Manager, Workplace Services

Amy Magee

General Manager, Operations

Karen Miao

Senior Director, Renewables

Prerit Bhatia

General Manager, Accounting

What Our People Say About JERA Americas

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

JERA Americas supports diversity and inclusion by involving and empowering all people, and respecting each person’s talents, beliefs, background, and lifestyle. We purposefully foster a work environment in which every individual can fully contribute to the organization while maximizing their personal potential and professional growth.

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