Ryan Elms

Senior Manager, Workplace Services

What is your role at JERA Americas? As the Senior Manager of Workplace Services, I oversee the IT Support Services Team, the Office 365 Team, and other productivity applications.

What do you like best about your job? Brainstorming and troubleshooting with my teammates to find ways to assist colleagues with achieving their goals. Additionally, there’s plenty of experienced leaders to learn from here at JERA Americas, which is extremely valuable.

What makes JERA special? JERA Americas & JERA Co. provides its employees with a unique opportunity to build working relationships with leaders across the globe.

What 3 words describe JERA’s culture? Family, Dynamic, Engaging.

What do you like to do during your time off? I enjoy spending time out on my property in the country or participating in some sort of intramural/pickup sports like basketball, softball or just running.

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